Somewhere out on the trail


Night 2 camp at Promontory Butte20171002_162136

The views were OK here....


Allan camped on the ragged edge.20171002_172144

Keith being Keith.20171002_17253920171002_17255920171002_172629

Sunset on the point


Tuesday hike down into West Clear Creek.  It's a short hike, but it's stepp and you're scrambling over boulders and such.  A few of us braved the canyon and were rewarded with some fantastic views down inside.


Jaime hiking back up the hill.


A hot sweaty stank Travis...20171003_154044


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This may be the only pic I took on Night 3...didn't get any shots of my camp.

This a normal every day camp fire.  Nothing to see here.


Powerline trail on Day 420171004_10463320171004_11054620171004_112957

Night 4 camp.  Was pretty toasty out in the sun. Definitely our warmest night20171004_14005220171004_14011920171004_145333

Campfire nonsense.20171004_190324

This turned Allan into a bobblehead when he drove.


What's left of Stoneman Lake.  Has been dried up for years now20171005_14213920171005_142633

Ehrmagherd...She gotta Perp!20171005_143100

Fall color was abound


Night 5 Camp20171005_16115820171005_16122820171005_16124820171005_161312

Somewhere near Long Lake20171006_132345

Final Campsite for the week.  It got cold....froze on Saturday morning.20171006_16190820171006_161918


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