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I want to know about your storage plans?!?! I was thinking about an ARB awning for the truck, they aren't too expensive and get good reviews, but the idea of bad weather also make me want my roof top tent, but of course when it comes to fabrication I am about as creative as a Klingon so I will wait and see what Brent has in store while getting ideas from Expedition portal.

I think I have an axle or hub issue I need to fix well before the run. Hoping it's just the hub and not the cv axle. Radiator is showing signs it might crap out on me by summer; running warmer than usual and it's winter time. Radiator is 12 years old. Dammit, I need AC this summer. I need to replace a tube then hope it'll take a charge and not leak. I have a rear spring pack that needs some attention, but I need to get the right ubolts before I even think of taking it apart.  Plan on getting a 6th tire for the run. I'll pretty much be sleeping in a tent or in the truck. With the run being September, I probably won't sleep out in the open on a cot.....bugs, flying teeth.

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Georgie, you're welcome to come dig through my junk pile...may have some OEM Ubolts...probably not a full set but at least a couple.

what's the axle/hub issue?

Betcha Brent would be willing to help out with charging your AC system if you want to just buy and replace the parts rather than taking it in and paying through the nose.

Thanks. May take you guys up on the offer. I'm getting a pop when I make a tight turn to the left. That's why I'm thinking the cv axle is an issue. Upper and lower ball joints are all around a year old. New tie rods last year. I rebuilt the steering last year. I had an alignment last month. I think that leaves an axle or hub. I had some issue with the hub on the driver side popping when 4wd was engaged. When I know what's broken I can generally fix it it. I'm not terribly good at troubleshooting though, so I'm pretty much going from easiest to hardest to fix. My knowledge is limited. I'm just handy

Thinking of also reindexing the torsion bars to soften the front end. It's riding kinda harsh and clunky. Just a notch or two. 

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Reindexing Tbars won't do anything for ride.  unless you were bottoming out before or you have them cranked to where you're on the bumpstops for down travel.  Regardless of where they're indexed, the ride quality will be the same because the spring rate doesn't change...they still settle to where they're going to settle with the weight of the truck on them.  As long as where they sit is in the operating range of the suspension, you're fine where you are.

As for the pop, get under the truck and crank down those 4 bolts on the front most cross member.  Popping from there is pretty common.  See if it goes away.  Otherwise, another set of hubs should be easy enough to find,  and reman'd axles are under $100 and can be replaced in about 30 minutes.

Andy, I let Jay know about this run and he is going to look at his schedule to see if he can make it.  He went wheeling with a bunch of us in KY this past week so I let him know I was planning on heading out.  I also have drummed up some interest and there may be one or two other rigs that caravan out with me.  Too early to tell for sure but when I mention the Grand Canyon people get excited!

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Ok.  don't expect anything extreme on this trip unless we get a lot of weather.  This one is for the views and the remoteness.

If it rains a lot (which it very well may - Arizona Monsoon season), then some of the backroads could get real fun.

I think that is exactly what people are interested in, not doing hardcore wheeling but getting out and seeing the back country.  That's why I am not planning to bring the Frontier and instead bought that Xterra.  Bryan G is definitely heading out with me, the only question is whether he wants to also bring his new-to-him Xterra that he bought just over a month ago.  We even batted around the idea of towing one with the other most of the way out there.

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Tentatively I think Bryan G and I will make it to the Night Zero camp.  We are starting to get serious about planning out the travel portion of the trip.  On Saturday 9/3 what time do you think we will actually split from the group to hit the road?  I am just wondering what are our chances of getting back to Page, AZ and loading up before dark.

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you should be able to get back to page by midday on the 3rd.  Its about 50 highway miles after about a 90 minute drive on dirt from the previous night's camp.

Cool deal.  About how long a drive is it from the storage lot to the Night Zero Camp?  We are trying to figure out if we will have time enough to make it.  Sorry for not consolidating questions; I am just now starting to formulate the actual transit plans for this trip since I will be doing 100% of the driving to/from NC to AZ.  Bryan G is doing all the driving on the run.

A/C done. Spring pack rebuild done. Drive belts done. Replaced radiator this past weekend. I found a hairline crack at the top; barely started leaking. Upgraded to a 2-row radiator so I ended up having to trim a little plastic on the shroud by the steering pump to get everything to fit. Replaced the clutch fan blades; cracked out. Had to have the radiator bracket remade to fit the radiator better without straining the mounts. Hillbilly repaired a variety of body cracks in the radiator core support. Replaced a bunch of hoses. Still have a couple things left to do like put the hubs on and replace O2 sensors which seem to be really stuck in there good; or I'm just wimpy. Feeling the pressure to get this crap done. It's been really slow going on the truck since my grandma had a hemorrhagic stroke 6 weeks ago and I spend a lot of my free time with her.


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Vato Zone has an O2 sensor wrench you can borrow (or buy) that works really well to get more leverage when removing them.

Sounds like your pile is just about ready to go

Yeah, I tried all of the O2 sensor sockets. Put some PB Blaster on there a few times, no budge. Onto Kroil now and my truck smokes like crazy by the O2 sensors with those oils on there. Will try the actual O2 sensor wrench next. If I can't break them loose by this weekend, I'll have run out of options and have to hit up a shop. I realize that a torch might break them loose, but my luck is that I'd probably "F" it up; and my last little cheapy torch leaked at the valve and caught fire on me. I'm a little weirded out about it.

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