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What are the requirements to attend? I have a mostly stock '94 hardbody that I'm considering driving out for this from Northwest Arkansas. A lot of that depends on if I can take the time off from right at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Is there any kind of membership fee or anything for these events?

Edit: I've done some reading on the previous AZ Run pages and have  better idea. What counts as front and rear tow points? As I said above, I'm in a stock Hardbody. It's mechanically sound but stock, so no aftermarket bumpers or tow points. Should I consider adding something in that area?

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Mandatory to have front and rear recovery points...something you can attach a strap to.  31" tires with reasonably aggressive tread are a minimum requirement.  Most run 33" or larger but you should be OK on 31s. 

A stock vehicle should be able to do this run.  There are a couple days that'll be challenging for you, but with careful driving you should be OK.  if it gets real muddy, then the challenge could be upped, but typically drier weather prevails in October.

You're also required to have a good working CB radio.   Beyond that, try to ensure your truck is in as good shape mechanically as it can be and carry spare parts like tierod ends or anything else that could fail.

This run is 7 nights in the back country with only 1 fuel stop after the first day, so you'll need to haul sufficient fuel, water, food, ice, etc. to survive a week in the backcountry, and bring sufficient clothing, camping gear, etc. to be comfortable.  Campfire banter gets downright offensive sometime, so if you're easily offended, this isn't the trip for you, but most people who have come on our runs speak highly of the experience and most have shown up for subsequent runs.

This being the 17th year, I'm not sure how many more of these I'll do, so if you're interested, you better get it in gear!   Tshirt orders close out in a couple weeks, so check out that thread and get yours ordered if you want one.

You can always PM me with any other questions you have.  Trail guides will be available shortly (in the next week) that have all GPS waypoints for the trip, along with all the logistical info you need.  Watch this forum - I'll post when they're ready and I will be able to email those out.    We can also work with you on accomodations in the Phoenix area the day before and after the trip.

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