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It's March now.  AZ Run is in March.  Got stuff to do on the truck?  CRUNCH TIME boys and girls!


The 4 degree shims in my front axle to make my CV driveshaft happy are coming out this weekend so I can have some caster back and the truck will be much happier on the road.  Going to retube my old straight U Joint driveshaft and run that instead...that'll make the angle a little better and it'll never bind on me.    That and an oil change should about do it.


The other fun will be the jigsaw puzzle of hauling the load.  I haven't yet bought another jerrican, but need to. 


Everyone bring a little wood....that'll keep the campfires burning.



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That will be perfect, Glen.  2 or 3 jugs for you and one or two jugs for me on top of the 4 I am bringing for myself .   The Guide says 10-15 gallons per vehicle but I think Steve said something like 250 miles offroad and based on the 6-8mpg I get when towing the trailer offroad that comes to about 20 gallons extra for me.

I still have crap to do. My son broke a house window where I need to find time to fix. I have to put my skid plates back on. About an hour's worth of work. Trying to mount 4 new fuel cans to the roof rack. No more hauling fuel inside the X. I couldn't afford the fuel can mounts that come with the cans; expensive. Most of my crap is pulled for loading Saturday, got a little bit-o-wood and I'll probably ice the cooler Thursday. I didn't want to leave town with a messy house but...the hell with it.


Goal is to head out Sunday morning and be a bump on a log. As long as it doesn't turn into last year where I combed the city for 5 hours to replace a tire that I shredded before I even left the pavement, I'll be set.

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