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Instructions for a Sas'd Nissan Hardbody.

Difficulty level(sas'd truck)- 7.5.
Difficulty level(IFS truck) 10.0.

1) remove starter (14MM socket)
2)remove left and right engine to transmission Mounting brackets. (14 mm socket)
3)remove oil pan bolts(10MM socket)
4)On the aft portion of the oil pan you will see two rubber engine rear end plates. Be careful When removing and re-installing the bolts. You don't what to lose any.
5) Remove high steering links.
6)remove oil pan. as you remove the oil pan the rear engine cover plate will come down also. This is what makes the installation a pain.When reinstalling this plate you'll have fun trying to re-align all bolt holes. The starter, left and right engine to transmission mounting brackets hardware goes threw this plate. Make sure not to tighten up any bilts to give roam for adjustment of the cover plate.

Oil pan Installation instructions.
1) remove All old rtv gasket material. A non metallic scraper works best.
2) Do not re-use front and rear oil pan gasket pieces.
3) Apply a light bead of RTV around the entire mating scarface of the oil pan. Nissan recommends 3.5 to 4.5MM wide. Thats roughly 1/4"-5/16" bead.
4) You have about 60 minutes for the RTV to harden and 24 hours for rtv to cure. Don't take to much time to install and tighten up the oil pan bolts.
5)Fill gear case up with your favorite oil, start engine and check for leaks. Make sure everything is installed and properly torqued prior.

I did not take any pictures until I already had everything apart.

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