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Some of you guys might have seen my other thread asking about A/C Blower motor.

I have finished the project.

Tools Needed: 1 small phllips head screw driver. Fatter the head the better.

Procedure As preformed on a 1995 Nissan XE King cab

1) Unplug the electrical connector from the blower unit. You can see this in the far right.
2) Pull down the hose you see on the far left. Do not pull the part of the hose that connects to the blower motor(the part you see marked with a blue dot)
3) Unscrew the 3 mounting bolts. This is where your stubby phllips head screw driver comes in handy. Really tight place down there.
4) Lower blower.

This is what my blower motor had in it. Yes Those are Matches.Eek There were matches in my blower motor. Eek
I pulled out the matches threw them away then dumped the leaves out.

This is what the housing of my blower motor looked like. Everything was clean. Nothing in the vents. I still wonder where the matches came from.

At the max this is a 20 minute job.
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