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At this point I think I just need groceries, and to pack the truck.  Will be precooking a lot of food and freezing it so it travels better.   May get that shopping done tonight so I can get the truck packed up this weekend.  

J and I are headed out Friday to go to Swanky North, then we'll run along the south rim on our way to Page on Saturday and out to Alstrom Point.

Remember to check those CBs and make sure they're working tip top, and PRINT YOUR TRAIL GUIDES!!!!  If you need a trail guide, let me know.  I expect due to group size that we will from time to time break into smaller groups and I need to ensure everyone knows how to get to the camps.  The waypoints in the guide will lead you there.  I think I have every intersection marked.

I'll have AZ Run Tshirts and stickers with me.  Will be collecting poker run money Saturday and Sunday.   First cards come Saturday night, so those who can do night zero get an extra card to make their poker hand. 

8 days and counting!!!!

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We're hoping to be leaving Friday as well, our plans are to cruise up the back way to Crown King, through Prescott and find our way to the night zero camp by Saturday night.  We may add some other dirt sections in there if we can figure something out.  

Of course this all depends on us finishing the trailer and getting all the shopping and packing done before then.

I wanted to get a test of the trailer somewhere closer than the North Rim, that way if necessary I can come home and address the issue and head North late, but with a functional trailer...

Still need to fill fuel/water cans, finish grocery shopping and cook my bacon. Chests been precooling since Sunday. Still need to pack personal crap. All of my loading is being done Thursday, and can finish up after a Dr. appt Friday morning.  I dread humping that extra tire to the top of the truck. Meeting up with my sis-outlaw in Flag on Friday. Plan to be at Alstrom Point sometime Saturday.

Gonna load up the fridge tomorrow night.  It's sitting in the back of the truck at a nice 36 degrees right now, running off AC power.   Clothes are packed.  Rest of the packing needs to wait for Friday because the truck doesn't fit in the garage with the overhead bins on the rack, and I can't put anything on the roof rack.    Planning on turning north around 3pm Friday.

Acquired a 30w solar panel to charge in camp if the sun is out.  Hope it works. 

It was pretty minimal.  I had the toilet apart to fix it and had ended up with the wrong parts.  Apparently the wall valve doesn't seal anymore and was dripping, it filled the garbage can I had it sitting in and started dumping over at some point today, enough that it was dripping through the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom...

I'll probably have to cut out the drywall on the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom, but it can wait until we get back.

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