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AZ Run Accomodations - let's hear from the out of towners.

I know Mark is planning to go straight to the night zero site.

Snakeeater - I'm talking to him and should have info next week.

Queef and Matt - plans? 


I've got room to put some people up, but I may head out to the night zero campsite a day early to grab the spot.  Any other volunteers for that?

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I'm pretty well screwed for this year.  Lucky to still have my sight, I suppose, but CRAP!  My left retina tore Saturday night, and my right eye ain't all that great after nearly losing that one a few months ago.  I caught this one sooner, and we were able to do a AZ-style trail fix on Sunday at the opthamologist's office. 

More laser surgery on Monday, and now I am flat on my back healing all week.

Since this is killing a week of vacation time, and with my work load, I can't in good concience take another week of vacation right after getting back to work.  I don't think it would  be smart.  They're paying my medical bills.

I'm still praying that management will have a huge heart and insist that I go anyway.  I can dream, right?  But it looks like I won't make it.  Pretty depressed about that.  I'm almost in tears.

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