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I have 5/5-5/7 (3 days), 7/1-7/4 (4 days), and 7/14-16 (3 days) to do some extended prerunning.

The 4th of July is on a Tuesday, so if you grab that Monday before, we can get a lot of prerunning done on what equates to a mini AZ run by itself.

Brent and I talked about 4 peaks being the night zero camp, and a run up the rim towards Young as the day 1 route.  From there it's wide open to possibilities.  We'll put a gameplan together.   No real need to prerun that first trail.  Instead, on that first prerun we could just get up by Young on a Thurs night and spend the next 2 days exploring during that first weekend of May.

Our obvious goal is to stay off pavement as much as possible.

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3/4 the way up the hill from the Roosevelt side, you'll see a clearing with a little road that turns off to the left.  The road goes down a little steep cut and across a meadow - you can see the meadow from the road.

Drive through there and down into the trees.  There's a cherry spot down there.

Turnoff from El Oso is N 33*44' 33.97" / W 111* 19' 49.05"

Second Prerun!   Meet Saturday, 7/1 at Punkin Center Grocery Store, gas station, hardware store, and credit card scamming machine - 9am

We're going to take the other road up the rim from there and Brent has a slew of trails lined up for the weekend.   Plan is to camp 3 nights and come home on the 4th.

Let's get a headcount.

The actual run will be after the monsoon.  Prerunning will be done by the end of July.  At that point I'll have a clear idea on the difficulty of trails.  That said, AZ runs have evolved from rock crawling trails to being much more overland style to cover ground.  I'm betting a reasonably equipped stocker would do just fine but we'll know for sure soon.

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mattman555 posted:

Hey DR -- I'd like to make it out of the day, can't do the whole weekend but is there a better day than the others to meet up with the group?  I'm sure trying to be specific on a variable pre-run is hard, but if so, which day and where?   Keep in mind I'm coming out of Show Low.

I can't say where we'll be any time other than at the start.   Brent has been working on routes and we'll cover what we can cover.  He has a couple hundred miles of dirt lined up for this weekend.   

Kove Man posted:

I got my gear last year, but it was bittersweet.  No time off and missed a great overland adventure.  Still looking at my AZ Run XI stuff and missing Elvis along with the river crossing.  I might have to go bug Flip for some parts if he still has his dead PF.

He'd love to sell you his old prerun in a week and a half.  There's not much left to button up, and I'm not sure I'll get everything done on my truck that I need to get done.

May just turn into a nice weekend camping on the rim....and I might be taking the Dodge.

We do have to figure out an alternate route to Clint's Well on Day 3....that should be easy enough.

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