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The ECU was relocated from under the passenger seat, to the dash.

This was done to prevent electrical failure due to water in the cab. The truck can now withstand water to hood-height on the outside and/or water to the top of the seats (36") without stalling.

Glovebox and back panel removed. Passenger seat removed, ECU unscrewed from the floor, and wires removed from the floor channel and exposed.

Two of the brackets had to be rebent.

The evaporator is to the right of the screwdriver. No screws can go there.

After final fitting, I mounted the ECU with two self-tapping screws. The ECU needed more bracing, so I trimmed the backpanel as shown and reattached it. The notched backpanel now helps hold the ECU snugly in place.

The switch and LEDs are now more easily acsessable.

Now, to make the glovebox work. Here is the stock box.

I got medieval on it with a propane torch to reshape the back so it will clear the ECU.

Here is the box reinstalled. Not much space was lost.

Box installed. All that remains to be done is to tie up the harness and clean up.

I gained some usable space under the passenger seat from this, not to mention a bit more peace of mind when wheeling.

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