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What a great trip.

Wanted to put up a few thank you's

Brent and Amber - Brent did much of the route finding this year as we laid out the route in the preruns.  They also brought us nightly entertainment and kept us warm with lots of fire wood.  THANK YOU!

For those of you who drove cross country to get here - thanks.  I know it's a big deal driving these huge round trips to attend our runs.  They just wouldn't be the same with out Texas boys and other out of staters (even North Carolina!)

Thanks Mikey for the Jalepeno poppers on whatever night that was...those things were tasty!

Everyone was familiar with the format, and we had a lot of folks following the gps track on the run.  It was the smoothest AZ run we've ever had in that regard.

So there it is....370+ miles on dirt.  8 nights (for those who did night minus 1), 6 days of trail running, great weather, awesome trails.

AZ Run XVII is in the books.

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