Same as last year.  $20 gets you a shirt and sticker.  It's $26 if I have to ship it.  Designs are pretty cool this year (did them myself this time.......hahaha)

Got lots of time this year, but remember, no preorder, no shirt.  I use the preorders to determine how many shirts I buy.

Paypal to or PM me for snail mail info, or other arrangements.  Specify size, quantity, and shipping address if applicable.

Gonna be an epic run this year.  

Original Post

never underestimate the power of this group to procrastinate.

I'll still be chasing orders at the last minute....guaranteed.

LOL, I procrastinate so much that I had a hard time, both finding this thread and the dates for the run!

Thank you Andy!

Deadline is creeping up.  Haven't seen orders from many of the usual suspects yet.

Order yours today!

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