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10 day forecasts show monsoon activity this week, but drying out this weekend and into early next week.   Looking at mid 80s for the high on Saturday out at Alstrom Point.  That's a blessing.  When J and I camped out there 4 years ago this time of year it was about 100 degrees out there.  Weather appears to be warming up as the week progresses.  We'll be looking at high 80s when we're out at Toroweap, and likely low to mid 70s at the higher elevations Tues, Weds, Thurs.    Lows at the high elevations likely in the upper 40s / low 50s, which is perfect for camping.

Of course this can all change.    I used Grand Canyon village as a reference point, as there are no points on the North Rim on that website.  The North Rim is on average 1000-1500 feet higher than the south Rim, so our locations Monday night through Friday Morning will generally be a little cooler than what the South Rim registers.

In any event, weather is looking good.  We'll see how bad dust gets on some of the roads, and given the fact things will be mostly dry, that will make the runs easier.   Guessing most of this trip will be 2wd, so for those of you expecting something hardcore on this trip will be disappointed.  We still might find a mud hole here and there though.

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Looks like it'll be warm on Monday when we venture to low elevations out at Toroweap.  Expect low 90s.   Expect similar when we hit the lower country around the Buffalo Ranch on Friday afternoon.

Looking like a great week for weather though.  We've done the heat before!

Higher elevations should be downright comfy.  Point Sublime on Weds will be the warmest destination midweek.

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