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Submitted by JamesJ:

These are not instructions on how to do a body lift. This is simply a method of saving everyone $. Here is an instructional how to that I pieced together for doing the BL if that is what you are looking for.

Alrighty my is the much anticipated thread about how to make a body lift cheap. I personally bought the AC kit and was extremely upset considering I used pretty much only the pucks and bolts.

Alright, here is a vendor that sells puck. They are called

Pucks are $2.50ea. You need 10 of them. It says that they are sold out, but give them a call, they are not.

This is what you need for hardware...

Go to your local Fastenal, Ace Hardware, etc. and Purchase the following(grade 8 ) hardware:

6) 3/8" nylock locking nuts
(6) 3/8" washers
( 8 ) 1/2" washers
(6) 6" x 7/16" x 14mm bolts (the other 6 body mounts of the truck)

[COLOR="Blue"](2) 12mm x 180mm x 1.25" bolts (rear of truck by bumper going up)
(2) 10mm x 160mm x 1.25" bolts (2nd to last body mount toward the rear
bumper) (1-800-800-6696)

driveshaft safety loops spacers (2)- 5/8"o.d. x 2" long
(2) 10mm x 80mm x 1.25" thread

Ok so for the driveshaft safety loop, you must lower it two inches. So what this calls for is 2" spacers and 2" longer bolts.

Good news, you do not have to buy that last pair of bolts that I put in asterisks. Here is what you have to do.

When you do the body lift and you remove the STOCK bolts that are in front of the rear tire, you will need to cut those bolts.

Take a look at that bolt that is already on the driveshaft safety loop. You need this to be 2" longer than it already is.

The Stock body bolts fit into that driveshaft safety loop hole as they are the same pitch and width however they are too long. With that said, a hacksaw is needed.

1-Measure the stock driveshaft safety loop bolts

2-add 2" to that length. Keep this measurement

3-take the Stock body bolts mentioned and cut to that measurement

The driveshaft safety loop spacer need only to be cheap piping. They need to be at least 10mm I.D. and 5/8" O.D. and 2" long. Try your luck with a local plumbing supply and you might be able to get hooked up for free.

NOTE: I only used the bolts and pucks from the AC kit. Some people used more parts. I have done a few Xterra body lifts and have never ever seen a problem with only using the pucks and bolts. Additionally, I have not included the front bumper relocation brackets because I bought an aftermarket bumper.

This should give you some assurance:

Happy shopping!-James
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