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Counting down.  Had a shitty day with the truck yesterday...all started with me just wanting to replace a filthy air filter.

6 hours later....

I replace the air filter and we're going to head out for a Ford guy meet and greet in Phoenix.  Truck doesn't start.

Pop the hood and see a broken wire going to the coil.  Splice it up, hit the key, and she runs...for a minute

I pull the plastic clip off that holds the wires in contact with the contact points on the coil.  It disintegrates.   That part not available so I buy an Accel coil that has proper studs.  Pull the wires, replace connectors with loop connectors and hit the key.  She runs again....for a minute.

I'm thinking, am I getting fuel.  It's easy to pull the fuel filter off the carb and check to see if it's clogged.  Has happened before.  Put a wrench on it....SNAP.  Goddamn thing breaks off inside the carb body.  I try to get at it with an easy out.  No's aluminum and just chews up instead of grabbing something to thread out.  Shit.  Now what.

Well, I remove the carb and try to get the remnants of the filter out while on the bench, where I can use a tap handle to turn the easy out, since a drill didn't have enough oomph.  still no luck.  Shit.

I have a spare carb I picked up from a guy a while back.  Said it worked good when he took it off his truck and switched to a 4bbl manifold.  What the choice, right?

I swap over some of the parts from my known good carb to this one and bolt everything back up.  get some gas in it and try the key.  Still no start.  Pull a plug, connect the wire, ground it to the block.  No spark still.

Ok.  Now on to the ignition module.  Replaced it with my spare from the toolbox.   Ground the plug again and Jaime hits the key.  Woohoo, Spark!

Put the plug back in and get it fired.  Tuned the carb so it would run right.  Not making as much vacuum as I would like to see, but the other carb didn't either...about 15 inches is the best I can muster.  Ideally I should have 18-19 inches on a vac guage, but I drove it and it runs ok.  Checked for vac leaks and I'm good there.

Take it for a test drive.  All seems well again.  Ordered up more spare stuff from Rock Auto so I have another spare ignition box and some other odds and ends.

Hoping this doesn't act up on the run.

Needless to say I didn't make it to the meet and greet, and I about fell over from heat exhaustion after spending the day in the sun working on the damn truck.  It doesn't quite fit in the garage.

reddog posted:


Fix Or Repair Daily

Found ORoad Dead

Driver Returns OFoot (reverse acronym)


Just found a new one that definitely applys here:

F*cking Owner's Really Dumb

you forgot f*cked over rebuilt dodge.....You're slipping.

LS swap...HAHAHAHAHA.  no.  Far beyond my abilities and budget.  Yesterday was a pain in the ass, but even factoring in what I paid for that spare carb, I'm out about $150.  That's offset by the $20 bill that Jaime found on the ground in the Vato Zone parking

Now a nice 460 on the other hand......that'd bolt in with a new set of motor mounts and a bigger radiator.

quite a few.  We could have upwards of 16-17 trucks some days

I changed oil on the Ford last night...Hoping that's the extent of what I need to do on the truck.    Clothes are packed and everything is piled up in the garage ready to be loaded.

Fridge will get plugged in Thursday.  Loading will commence between meetings on Friday.  expecting to get going sometime after 2pm, depending on work.

This week is nuts with conf calls that I'm having a really tough time paying attention to or giving a damn about......

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