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Mud posted:

First thing is to check / tighten the hose clamps at the reservoir.  That fixed  mine twice.


I had to replace the entire return line. The fan shroud wore a hole dead center of the line. Fortunately, I had just happened to have that part. Dumb luck. Got it all back together, added fluid and ran it to bleed the air. Looks like it might be ok.

reddog posted:

You might want to put a piece of hose over that section so it doesn't happen again.

That being said...

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We're leaving in about 5 hours!  Hooray!

mentioned the same thing last night.  Keeps the line from getting chaffed.

Hory's TODAY.  Truck is loaded.  now to just get pesky work out of the way.  Supposed to be pushing 100 down here today....hope the beer I have in the toolbox doesn't skunk on

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