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OK, who's in?  Post up.

So far I have the following as definite:

Brent & Amber, Steve, Queef, Georgie, Travis, Jesse, Me, ??


J, OnlyOneDr, Dennis, Radar, AZTed, Flipper, Whiteman, Rob, Thanatoz, ??



  • Stock trucks OK.  Have good tires.
  • Working CB MANDATORY!!!!  Channel 17
  • GPS highly recommended since all navigation is via GPS on this one.
  • 10-15 gallons extra gas MANDATORY
  • All the parts you need
  • Be prepared for temps from 30-100
  • Be prepared for turd floating rain and scorching sun
  • Everyone needs to have a trail guide in their truck in case they have to split from the group for whatever reason.
  • Gas stops - 2 on Monday, one on Thursday.  That's it.
  • Bring:  Shovel, Straps, spare parts, 10 gals of water min, clothes, rain gear, $20 for poker run buy in, tools, jack, flashlights, tent, sleeping gear, clean underwear (for the love of GOD!), food and drink for 7 days and 7 nights, tarps, cameras, cooking gear, TP, baby wipes, waterproof shoes, trail guide, Cash for the national park entrance, duct tape, bailing wire, condoms for Keith, a good attitude, sunscreen, first aid kit, and whatever else you can cram in the truck.
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OnlyOneDR posted:

In.  If this works like the last time I did the haul out there I will be in the vicinity by Saturday evening.

Bgaidan is close to 100% in; if he does then we will probably bring his SASed X instead of my dookie X since he will bring his Bear dog.

Sounds like this is officially the plan. 

Andy - I sent you a message on FB asking for the trail guide.  If you didn't get it, can you send it to my screen name here

I already requested the time off, so as long as some disease outbreak or a new job with an inflexible boss doesn't ruin my vacation, I'm all in. Plan is to hopefully mosey up sometime on Friday and hang out in Flag or Page. I might motel it to get a last shower of the month in before the run. On the fence and will decide last minute what I'm going to do that Friday.

Sister out-law (Sherry) and her Chiquita Banana gremlin looking chihuahua is planning on coming.  Hopefully no big dogs will have any problems with her snack sized dog. If so, let me know so I know what to tell her and she can decide how to handle that. She is working to install a CB in her truck soon. She knows what's required.

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