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I have 5/5-5/7 (3 days), 7/1-7/4 (4 days), and 7/14-16 (3 days) to do some extended prerunning.

The 4th of July is on a Tuesday, so if you grab that Monday before, we can get a lot of prerunning done on what equates to a mini AZ run by itself.

Brent and I talked about 4 peaks being the night zero camp, and a run up the rim towards Young as the day 1 route.  From there it's wide open to possibilities.  We'll put a gameplan together.   No real need to prerun that first trail.  Instead, on that first prerun we could just get up by Young on a Thurs night and spend the next 2 days exploring during that first weekend of May.

Our obvious goal is to stay off pavement as much as possible.

My Pichers

I came back with about 800 pics between 3 cameras.   I've been too swamped to mess with them, but here's a filter of some of my favorites.    I'll try to dump the whole lot in to an album somewhere soon.

I'm going to try to tell the story of our awesome trip in this thread. It will take a few days (or weeks) for me to go through all the pictures and videos and get them all up here, but I want to document the trip for your enjoyment.

We started out the trip with our newly finished and packed trailer driving 307 miles from Chandler to Page via Payson. We hit a pretty major storm on the way, but when we got to page we were nice and clean and feeling good. I reset my trip odometer here:

Things started out pretty rocky, when we were in page I noticed a power steering leak at the low pressure fitting on the steering servo. I tightened it up, hit a car wash to clean up the oil and headed to the trailhead. As I was pulling off the freeway onto the dirt, the pump started screaming. The return line AN fitting had cracked, luckily I had fluid and a replacement fitting. Our friend Dennis showed up while we were repairing the truck and joined us for the long trail in to Alstrom Point, the first campsite for the AZ Run. The storm that hit us, also hit Northern AZ and Southern UT making a ton of mud. The truck lost it's shiny clean look pretty quickly:

One of the many little jobs I didn't get a chance to take care of prior to the start of the run was the broken passenger side mud flap (oops)...:

Here we are a few miles from camp at the first overlook:

Slick is checking out the cliff edge, he's braver than we are:

Here's campsite #1 of many on the first night of our trip:

This is all I'm going to get for today, hopefully I'll have time to go through some more stuff tomorrow, but I have a work event so I'm not sure I will.


The azrun16.kmz file attached contains all the waypoints from the trail guide (Thanks again Jesse) and the track(s) my phone recorded. 

The GoogleEarthPlaces.png file shows what to clicky click once you open the file in Google Earth to FLY the run.  There are two tracks.  I circled the second one.googgleEarthPlaces

Once you get that to work - you can move your mouse toward the lower left of the picture to make a play button doodad like your music player has pop-up, that will let you drag the timer or click fast forward a couple times so you can move through the file without investing 7 days. 

Move your mouse toward the mid-upper right on the picture to bring up the little street view guy with a height slider so you can zoom in or out to see more view.

The StinePoint.png is a sample screen shot.StinePoint

Andy's AZ Run Pics

What a run!  We will never top this scenery on an AZ run.   Weather cooperated with us wonderfully and for those of you who left early, you REALLY missed out on the Friday night camp.   It was stunning.'s a sampling.

Camp at Alstrom Point, Lake Powell.  The road out there was SLOPPY!

J Crossing the first creek from Big Water:DSCN5880

Dustin coming out of the creekDSCN5881 - Copy

Yes, that's an X5....DSCN5883 - Copy

Gunsight Bay with Navajo Mountain in the backgroundDSCN5886

Jaime working hard to get camp set upDSCN5887 - Copy

Camper's RowDSCN5888DSCN5889DSCN5897

Night Zero SunsetDSCN5901

Have a great time!

Hey all - I hope you have an amazing time on the run.  Sounds like weather is gonna work out for you and I'm sure the scenery will be one for the record books.  Be safe out there and enjoy yourselves!


10 day forecasts show monsoon activity this week, but drying out this weekend and into early next week.   Looking at mid 80s for the high on Saturday out at Alstrom Point.  That's a blessing.  When J and I camped out there 4 years ago this time of year it was about 100 degrees out there.  Weather appears to be warming up as the week progresses.  We'll be looking at high 80s when we're out at Toroweap, and likely low to mid 70s at the higher elevations Tues, Weds, Thurs.    Lows at the high elevations likely in the upper 40s / low 50s, which is perfect for camping.

Of course this can all change.    I used Grand Canyon village as a reference point, as there are no points on the North Rim on that website.  The North Rim is on average 1000-1500 feet higher than the south Rim, so our locations Monday night through Friday Morning will generally be a little cooler than what the South Rim registers.

In any event, weather is looking good.  We'll see how bad dust gets on some of the roads, and given the fact things will be mostly dry, that will make the runs easier.   Guessing most of this trip will be 2wd, so for those of you expecting something hardcore on this trip will be disappointed.  We still might find a mud hole here and there though.

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