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Have a great time!

Hey all - I hope you have an amazing time on the run.  Sounds like weather is gonna work out for you and I'm sure the scenery will be one for the record books.  Be safe out there and enjoy yourselves!


10 day forecasts show monsoon activity this week, but drying out this weekend and into early next week.   Looking at mid 80s for the high on Saturday out at Alstrom Point.  That's a blessing.  When J and I camped out there 4 years ago this time of year it was about 100 degrees out there.  Weather appears to be warming up as the week progresses.  We'll be looking at high 80s when we're out at Toroweap, and likely low to mid 70s at the higher elevations Tues, Weds, Thurs.    Lows at the high elevations likely in the upper 40s / low 50s, which is perfect for camping.

Of course this can all change.    I used Grand Canyon village as a reference point, as there are no points on the North Rim on that website.  The North Rim is on average 1000-1500 feet higher than the south Rim, so our locations Monday night through Friday Morning will generally be a little cooler than what the South Rim registers.

In any event, weather is looking good.  We'll see how bad dust gets on some of the roads, and given the fact things will be mostly dry, that will make the runs easier.   Guessing most of this trip will be 2wd, so for those of you expecting something hardcore on this trip will be disappointed.  We still might find a mud hole here and there though.

At this point I think I just need groceries, and to pack the truck.  Will be precooking a lot of food and freezing it so it travels better.   May get that shopping done tonight so I can get the truck packed up this weekend.  

J and I are headed out Friday to go to Swanky North, then we'll run along the south rim on our way to Page on Saturday and out to Alstrom Point.

Remember to check those CBs and make sure they're working tip top, and PRINT YOUR TRAIL GUIDES!!!!  If you need a trail guide, let me know.  I expect due to group size that we will from time to time break into smaller groups and I need to ensure everyone knows how to get to the camps.  The waypoints in the guide will lead you there.  I think I have every intersection marked.

I'll have AZ Run Tshirts and stickers with me.  Will be collecting poker run money Saturday and Sunday.   First cards come Saturday night, so those who can do night zero get an extra card to make their poker hand. 

8 days and counting!!!!

Poker Run?

How about this - $20 buy in.  7 card stud game.  Cards drawn Sat-Fri night.  Best 5 card hand wins.  That way even if you miss a night or two you have a shot at a good 5 card hand.

If you draw a duplicate card from the deck with one you already had, you can redraw.  I'll keep a notebook with everyone's cards.

Winner take all.

I have paid orders from Mud, Mike and Kathy, Alvin, Matt Uhl, Matt Mancini, Georgei, Flipper, Jeremy, Cuong, Brent/Amber, Jesse, Travis, Will, and Brian Bgaidensomthing.

Haven't heard from Ryan, Dennis, Queef, and a few others.  Deadline is next week. 

Tow Rig Storage

Found a place in Page that has 8 acres of secure storage - rate is $45 - for 1 to 30 days to park a rig.  They also have a convenience store and showers on site.

Antelope Recreation Center Boat / RV Storage

910 Coppermine Road

Page, AZ

928 645 3835

Hours are 6am - 10pm.

I called them.  Reservations not necessary for open storage.  Just show up and park.

I'll likely be headed up on Friday night before the run.  Will camp somewhere just outside of Flagstaff that night and then drive the 2 hours to Page from there and park the Dodge.  From there it's on to Alstrom Point on Lake Powell for the Night zero camp on Saturday.

So there you have it.  Page is an easy stop for before and after the run and only requires about a 40 mile round trip longer on the last day to get tow rigs than it would be to drive straight home from where we dump out on the highway.  Page is about 5-6 hours from Phoenix metro, depending on where you live.

OK, who's in?  Post up.

So far I have the following as definite:

Brent & Amber, Steve, Queef, Georgie, Travis, Jesse, Me, ??


J, OnlyOneDr, Dennis, Radar, AZTed, Flipper, Whiteman, Rob, Thanatoz, ??



  • Stock trucks OK.  Have good tires.
  • Working CB MANDATORY!!!!  Channel 17
  • GPS highly recommended since all navigation is via GPS on this one.
  • 10-15 gallons extra gas MANDATORY
  • All the parts you need
  • Be prepared for temps from 30-100
  • Be prepared for turd floating rain and scorching sun
  • Everyone needs to have a trail guide in their truck in case they have to split from the group for whatever reason.
  • Gas stops - 2 on Monday, one on Thursday.  That's it.
  • Bring:  Shovel, Straps, spare parts, 10 gals of water min, clothes, rain gear, $20 for poker run buy in, tools, jack, flashlights, tent, sleeping gear, clean underwear (for the love of GOD!), food and drink for 7 days and 7 nights, tarps, cameras, cooking gear, TP, baby wipes, waterproof shoes, trail guide, Cash for the national park entrance, duct tape, bailing wire, condoms for Keith, a good attitude, sunscreen, first aid kit, and whatever else you can cram in the truck.

Want one?  PM me an email address.

Don't forget your Tshirt and sticker orders.  If you don't preorder, you don't get one.

Same as last year.  $20 gets you a shirt and sticker.  It's $26 if I have to ship it.  Designs are pretty cool this year (did them myself this time.......hahaha)

Got lots of time this year, but remember, no preorder, no shirt.  I use the preorders to determine how many shirts I buy.

Paypal to or PM me for snail mail info, or other arrangements.  Specify size, quantity, and shipping address if applicable.

Gonna be an epic run this year.  


Been spending time on Google Earth and my map software.  Have Saturday bonus camp, and Sunday-Tuesday pretty well laid out for routes.  Still need to type up all the GPS coordinates, but making progress.  We're gonna get one hell of a tour.

Monday is shaping up to be a long day.  Toroweap and back.  No good campsites out there unfortunately, and if you use the campground, you gotta make reservations.   That'll be a 160+ mile day.  Tuesday will be awesome - have 5 overlooks on the agenda along with the fabled FR250 cutoff between them.  Camping will be on the edge that night at one of two points, depending on time.

Next to lay out - Point Sublime on Wednesday and a trip across SR67 over to the east side of the Kaibab Plateau for camping.  Then two more days to lay out.   One of the challenges in not prerunning is estimating time for distance, but the three weeks I've spent up there in previous years should hopefully help that some. 

Epic AZ Run is Epic.

More to come. Once trail guides are ready I'll share so you GPS nuts can get waypoints uploaded.

Need a GPS nut to volunteer to run point.  Who's it gonna be?    Will only have waypoints to go by and not mileage this time, as I'm not able to prerun.

Camp Monday night is shaping up to be in Lookout Canyon if you all want to google or play on the maps to see where that is.   That's several miles of 2 track that could be interesting if it rains.  Google earth shows multiple mudholes on that one.

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