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This year we started out up on top of 4 peaks.  15 trucks ended up being up there for night zero (the night before the run starts).  Some of us were there for 2 nights, we just spent the whole day before the run relaxing at camp knowing we'd be running the rest of the week.
Drone shot:
3 of the rigs had just come up for the weekend, so the rest of us headed down to Tonto Basin to officially start the run.
We headed North from Tonto Basin across the desert and up towards Young.  We eventually popped up onto the rim on the Young road and headed to our campsite for night one.
Somehow the only picture I have from this day is a drone shot of camp...
We headed out of camp the next morning towards an overlook on Chevelon Canyon Lake.
From there we headed North through Chevelon Canyon, then South down onto Promontory Butte for night 2's epic campsite.

What a great trip.

Wanted to put up a few thank you's

Brent and Amber - Brent did much of the route finding this year as we laid out the route in the preruns.  They also brought us nightly entertainment and kept us warm with lots of fire wood.  THANK YOU!

For those of you who drove cross country to get here - thanks.  I know it's a big deal driving these huge round trips to attend our runs.  They just wouldn't be the same with out Texas boys and other out of staters (even North Carolina!)

Thanks Mikey for the Jalepeno poppers on whatever night that was...those things were tasty!

Everyone was familiar with the format, and we had a lot of folks following the gps track on the run.  It was the smoothest AZ run we've ever had in that regard.

So there it is....370+ miles on dirt.  8 nights (for those who did night minus 1), 6 days of trail running, great weather, awesome trails.

AZ Run XVII is in the books.

It's looking great so far.  Nice days and chilly nights.

Using Show Low, AZ as a baseline...about the same elevation as most of the run campsites.

Highs in the mid 70s...though we'll likely see 80s on Weds-Thurs due to lower elevations....Lows in the mid 40s overnight.  Good campfire weather.

I do see a chance for a bit of rain on Tues so far.  Otherwise the week looks mostly dry.  Will keep an eye on that.  Tuesday is the day we have the optional hike in the afternoon.

Forecast should come more into view as the week progresses.

AZ Run Accomodations - let's hear from the out of towners.

I know Mark is planning to go straight to the night zero site.

Snakeeater - I'm talking to him and should have info next week.

Queef and Matt - plans? 


I've got room to put some people up, but I may head out to the night zero campsite a day early to grab the spot.  Any other volunteers for that?

Trail guides are done, and we have a GPX track file, as well as a KMZ file with all the way points to use as overlays.

I emailed it to a bunch of you today.  If you didn't get it, let me know, and I can forward.

We are just over 5 weeks out!!!

My movie equipment got an upgrade!  We can play Blue-Ray disks and DVDs now (as well as any other digital media pretty much).

I've got the collection I'm bringing, if there's anything in particular you want to see, let me know or just bring it.

There's been some power management upgrades as well so I shouldn't have to run the truck during the movie anymore, I should be able to play 2-3 movies a night easily without having power concerns on the batteries.

Got the designs done and will be getting the stickers bought shortly.  I'll be taking preorders through August 31st.  If you don't preorder / prepay before then, you're out of luck for AZ Run XVII swag.

A Tshirt and sticker is $20 if you either show up to the run or come get it in person, or $28 shipped (USPS rates went up).

It's a pretty cool design this year.  I think everyone will like them.

Preorders can be sent via Paypal at, or PM me for other arrangements.   Please specify size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL), your name, and if you need it shipped, include your shipping address.  Shirts will be shipped out the week before the run.


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